Bringing Independent Films to the North Okanagan

Every second Monday evening, we host a special movie night at Vernon's wonderfully classic Towne Cinema. The film is often from a new director operating outside the Hollywood studio system but we also screen classics featuring iconic directors or actors.

Tickets: members $6   non-members $8 debit/credit card accepted   Wine Bar $5 cash only
Advance Tickets available at The Bean Scene (across from the theatre)

We're a not-for-profit society with an open membership, and each year we sponsor a bursary for a local student pursuing post secondary education in the Arts. 


June 25 @ 5:15 & 7:45

Indian Horse

A young Ojibwe boy is separated from his family and sent to a residential school in northern Ontario, where he and his fellow students are subjected to inhumane treatment. They’re forced to give up their language, their culture, even their names. The boy, Saul Indian Horse, eventually finds an escape in hockey, a sport for which he has a natural ability. Yet even as the game allows him to eventually leave the school and find some success in the minor leagues, he can’t outskate the past. This film is an adaptation of the late Richard Wagamese’s 2012 novel of the same name.
Drama; Canada, 2017; 100 minutes; English

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